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 EnviroSwim ES-3 Fresh Water Swimming Pool System.

The patented EnviroSwim ES-3 freshwater system uses three processes: Electronic Oxidising, Ionisation and Ultrasonics. For your assurance, the system has received more independent testing and certification than any other Australian manufactured sanitising system. These tests include local government laboratory trials and certification by NSF in the USA to NSF standard 50, a prerequisite for the USA commercial sanitiser market, which involved 12 months of rigorous testing including microbiological efficacy, electrical safety, product longevity, pool staining resistance along with many other tests.


A short presentation covering the benefits of the Enviroswim ES3









Platinum Services Perth –
Enviroswim Fresh Water Swimming Pool System

What is the benefit of EnviroSwim?:

Superior fresh water quality, leaves your skin feeling clean rather than feeling the need to shower
Kills bacteria that chlorine does not
Non irritating to skin and eyes
Ideal for asthmatics, psoriasis eczema sufferers
Eliminates most chemicals known to cause serious health issues.
Eliminates chlorine and chemical odours
Eliminates the need for additional chlorine in domestic swimming pools
Safest and most comfortable water without the addition of nasty chemicals that produce even nastier by-products
Reduces chemical usage by up to 80%
Reduces water usage by up to 50%
Reduces electrical usage by up to 50%
Reduces frequency of back-washing
Extends the life and increases the efficiency of your swimming pool equipment
Minimal maintenance required
True Eco-friendly system
Backwash straight to garden without dilution (subject to local council regulations)
Patented technology
NSF 50 accreditation
No staining on pavers surrounding the pool or on glass fencing

TOTAL SAVINGS PER ANNUM OF UP TO $900 (chemicals, water and energy) All figures quoted are based on a average 50,000L swimming pool and that the operation of the system is in accordance with the manufacturers operating parameters.



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