Neem Pure Seed Oil – 5 litre (Cold Pressed)


Neem Pure Seed Oil – 5 litre (Cold Pressed)

PURE NEEM SEED OIL – (Cold Pressed)

One of Nature’s 100% Pure Multipurpose Oils
PERSONAL USES:Contains Vitamin E & other essential amino
acids – skin – nourishes and heals skin. For Psoriasis, Eczema, Cold
Sores, Skin Ulcers, Ring Worm, Sun Spots, Athletes Foot, Fungal
Conditions – also warts and moles. Mix 1 tablespoon NEEM SEED
OIL with 125ml carrier oil e.g. almond or olive oil.
Foliar Spray: Mix 5ml NEEM SEED OIL with 4ml commercial strength SEASOL per ltr of
water. Spray all parts of the plant to fully cover the leaf surface weekly. Hydroponics: Add to
nutrient solution at rate of 5ml per litre weekly
ANIMALS – Farm & Domestic: Ideal for Fleas, Ticks, Summer Itch and skin irritations.

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