Solar Snake Repeller – Twin Pack


Solar Snake Repeller – Twin Pack


– Twin Pack

From Spring to Autumn numerous young snakes will be emerging and
looking for new territories and older larger snakes will be out trying to
establish territories in which to breed, and later in the year looking for
places in which to spend the cooler months.
Stop them now before they get established around your home. The
Electronic Snake Repeller will help protect your home and loved ones
from these potentially deadly creatures. The Snake Repeller will stand
guard and protect your home
day and night.

How it works

The unit is designed to repel snakes &
reptiles by emitting pulsations. The
pulsations are felt as a vibration through the snakes’ and
reptiles’ skins.
The snakes perceive this sensation as a danger zone, and it will cause them to evac-uate
almost immediately.Suitable to attach to outdoor roof cavities.

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